Sunday, May 01, 2005


I’m here to tell you that there’s hope for us “young’uns” yet.

The SHS graduating class of 1945 held it’s (hold your breath) SIXTIETH REUNION this weekend, and I was privileged to be in James Ahlf Middle School’s Cafeteria for their Saturday morning Reception.

Although the class of ’45 numbered around 43 people, predictably there aren’t that many left … although, interestingly, despite the fact that they graduated during the tail end of WW II (one guy in their framed group graduation photo was already wearing his Navy enlisted uniform), everyone was present for their very first reunion at year 35.

And those who’ve survived to this point are an alert, if far-flung bunch. One member of the class, Gayle Pettis (not pictured), had flown in from Venezuela with one of his daughters the night before. Working there, many years ago, Pettis met, fell in love with, and married a Venezuelan girl. He relinquished his American citizenship and threw himself into his new country. Now a widower, he definitely gets the award for having traveled the farthest for this get-together.

Among those who us kids might remember were Gene Angel of Angel’s Grocery, and Joyce Connell. Joyce is Sue Haney Maness’ (Class of 57) older sister.

Part of the Class of 1945, 60 years later. Posted by Hello
To identify the people in the group photo … back row (L-R): Gene Angel, Mary Bell Jennison, Joy Stemple, Bobby Connell, John Sanford. Front row (L-R): “Mickey” Moore, Lee Morrison, Mary Lou Reames, Martha Davis, Maxine L. Boggs.

As always, full size photos are posted at (or follow the link at the left).

FOOTNOTE: I was pleased to notice that, despite the fire that decimated our old high school in the late 70s, our framed class photos were either rescued or re-created and are hanging on the Ahlf Cafeteria wall. Although I didn’t do an inventory, looks as if they have them from 1945 up well into the sixties – including ’54, ’55, ’56 and ’57.

Thought you’d like to know.

With the Class of 55’s 50th Anniversary Reunion coming up on May 28th, thought all of you would like to know that there just might be a 60th held in something bigger than a phone booth.


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