Friday, August 05, 2005


(Originally run 2/18/04 on our old site)

Anita Hart Fuller

I have found a couple of school pics of "your" Judy Deener AND a school pic of the lovely Margaret McLean, when she was about 11 yrs. old. I'm hoping Bob can copy them and send them today. I've finally found the post card of the Fountain Motel AND the two pics I took a few years ago, and will send them, too. That should make for some dredging up memories from us band kids.

When waiting in the LR airport last week, I recognized Ray Handley - brother of Stephen Handley. They are the guys who print the postcards in the Gazette, and also have several books out of the postcards they've collected. I talked with him about the Fountain Motel, which he remembers, but when I told him the Green Elf is no longer there, he thinks he might have a postcard somewhere. I'm going to email him and remind him one of these days. Wouldn't it be fun it he did, indeed, have it?

This is for Roland and any other of the SHS Lettermen, or their girl friends. Bob and I were trying to remember recently: didn't the teams have a booster club or something like that that raised money to buy all lettermen their football jackets and basketball sweaters? I remember the day they would arrive: naturally, some of the boys would get to go by and pick theirs up before the others but, before the day was over, all were proudly wearing their new jackets and they were the envy of all who didn't have one! I think I remember one year the sleeves would be black satin with the rest of the jacket red wool, the next year red satin sleeves with black wool, etc. The basketball team got black, then red, sweaters with big letters on them. Nowadays, even in the big schools like Central High, the schools don't furnish the jackets anymore....just the letters. I personally think that is a travesty....

Now that should be enough to get someone remembering ... and then we can do a little talking about the protocol of giving the jacket to your girlfriend. Did she get the new one, or the old one and the guy strutted around in his new one? Or did he get to wear it just a little while before having to hand it over to her?

Tom Pry

I don’t know, Anita. There were days when, if one were to judge just by the jacket parade in the school halls, one would think our football team was composed almost entirely of females, which would make for an interesting game, especially if it was “touch” football.

Anita, a question for you: your comment about “..the schools don’t furnish the jackets anymore .. I .. think this is a travesty ..” Why? In band, letters are all we ever got, and we were paying (or working off) band tuition, to boot. Our “booster club” was raising money for our uniforms which, to the best of my knowledge, the school furnished for athletics.

Why the implied double standard? While I in NO way denigrate the contribution to school representation and morale made by our athletes, I’ve never felt it was in any way greater than that produced by the band, or Luther Hardin’s outstanding farm teams, or the public speaking team.

That being the case, why should the school system furnish the athletes with souvenirs for their girlfriends to wear?

Explain yourself, woman!


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