Monday, September 26, 2005


Tom Pry

We had a tornado Saturday night, one of three that struck around the state, little love notes from a not-so-nice lady named Rita.

This one meandered around off the ground from Higginson to McRae, visible only on radar, until it finally hit the ground on Country Club Road (Honey Hill ridge), working its way over to Highway 36, where it damaged a church and several homes.

There were no deaths, but some extensive property damage and minor injuries.

We could hear nothing but rain down here in the valley, about a mile from the mini-rampage … but when I went out into the back yard yesterday morning, there was a big chunk of metal, about the size of a truck bumper, laying up against the fence, apparently deposited there by the wind.

No fun, but we were quite lucky.

And, speaking of tornadoes and luck, yesterday received this note from Ann Shannon Snodgrass:

Tom, I came across this web site recently and thought I'd share. It's an account of the Judsonia tornado that we discussed a few months ago on the Searcy Journal site. Ann

An excellent, excellent piece; I’d recommend chasing the link. Thanks, Ann.

Have a calm day.


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