Friday, October 14, 2005


Tom Pry

The elusive Anita Hart Fuller has reappeared. The problem was a couple of misspelled e-mail addresses and, fortunately, Don Thompson sorted it out and, Ouila!, connection reestablished.

(Incidentally, gmail invitations are still available free for you just by e-mailing me at .. never worry about changing e-mail addresses again!).

Anita Hart Fuller

I really enjoyed reading about the Judsonia tornado, so tell Anne Shannon thanks for the website. Bob printed it out for me to take to mother, which I did Thursday. Mom was the director of food service at Harding College at the time, and that night went out and opened the cafeteria and they made coffee and sandwiches for those working there at the college. She thinks they kept it open for about 2 weeks . I was spending the night with Judy Rice Yates and we went down to the parking lot across from Hawkins Hospital and watched the victims being brought in.

On a lighter note, whenever Bob and I see a certain type of black and white movie on Turner Classic Movies, we always say "Plaza"... by certain type I mean pretty bad plot-wise or cast-wise. This morning he recalled that the Plaza didn't have a popcorn machine, but sold popcorn that had been popped at the Rialto and brought down there. I can't verify this. Also, does anyone remember about when the popcorn went from being sold in a small bag to a box? And how much did both cost? We may have rehashed this before on SearcyYesteryear....if so, forgive my memory.

Good job, keep it up. I really like the new - very up-to-date format you're using.....I haven't found any website any more professional.

Tom Pry (again)

Thanks for the very kind words. I like being able to fold photos into the pieces. You’re one of the few to comment on it, one way or the other.

That’s the first time I’ve heard the popcorn thing. Carolyn Reed Hill was considered the Rialto’s popcorn virtuoso, so she ought know.

And for whatever you know that we don’t (Liz Capps, tell us about the mini-reunion recently at the Midnight Oil), scribble it up and send it in.

Or your ears will fall off, leaving your bifocals to slide off the nose.


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