Thursday, September 03, 2009

Remembering Your First TV

I would like to hear about 'Your First TV'. How old were you? What brand? What are some of the programs you watched? I'll get things started off:

First of all, I'm not sure how old I was, I think maybe 7. Bobby and I promised we would never go to the movies again if we could just get a TV.
The Greens (Bill, Gary) got the first TV that I remember seeing. They invited us to watch something but it was too 'snowy' to make out.
I remember our first grade class, Ms. Hendrix, went to Don Gattinger's house to watch the inauguration parade of President Eisenhower.
Our first set was a black and white Admiral. Black plastic. My dad bought an antenna that made the moon change orbit. The only station availibal was WMC-TV, channel 5, in Memphis. There wasn't enough programing to fill all the hours in the day, so it would come on and went off at different times. They would play music or have 'Short Subjects' between the programs to take up time until the next program came on.
I remember watching Sabu The Jungle boy that came on around 10:00 am Saturday mornings.
Sometimes it would be too snowy to watch.
Much much later, we got a RCA color set. There were only a few programs in color at the time. "The Following Program Is Brought To You In Living Color." And then the pecock would spread it's tail featheres. Then you got up and adjusted the color. No remote controll.
Milton Burle, Sid Ceaser and Imogene Coca, Mr. Peepers, Red Skelton, and on and on and on.
You can see some of these old shows on YouTube. Still funny.
OK, let's hear your 'First TV' story.

PS Did anyone other then me watch 'Winky Dink and You?'


Anonymous Joyce Musselman said...

I grew up in Searcy,went through grades 1 thru 12 there and was happy to be a part of the `59 class reunion there in Sept. It was really great to see old friends.I left Searcy after graduation, traveled around the country with my husband and children. My husband was in the Air Force, over the years I came home occasionally but hadnt kept close touch with class mates. My first reunion I attended was our30th and I havent missed one since. Its always good to get togeather and reminisce those memories become more prescious the older we get.

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