Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Tom Pry

Another piece of our memories is about to be trashed. For information, follow this link:
I especially love this: “Amy Burton, director of Searcy's Main Street program, said she will be sorry to see the old armory demolished, but she thinks the new Walgreens could increase traffic flow and business in the downtown area and help existing businesses there.”

Yep, that’s just what that already bottlenecked corner needs: more traffic.

I think I’ll stay with Stott’s.

Ann Shannon Snodgrass

I think maybe they paved Hway 36W a little later than 1950; could it have been in 1952? My Dad taught me to drive on Hway 36W when it was still gravel. I remember feeling as if the car was sliding on that gravel and the ditch being awfully close to the front wheel! In November of 1950, I turned ten years old, and I don't think Dad began teaching me to drive before I was 12.

Tom Pry (again)

This has bothered me all morning, so I finally bit the bullet and started plumbing the depths of the Arkansas Highway Transportation Department -- and finally found Hilda Harris, a delightful lady who's in the Technology section, and also part of Arkansas Highways.

Hilda reports thusly: "The paving of highway 36 west of Searcy was project 5369, entitled 'Searcy to Rosebud.' It was 17.07 miles long, a 'Base & Surface' job, with contract let in 1951 and work completed in 1952."

Thanks so much, Hilda. Any questions?


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