Saturday, June 04, 2005



Maybe we can get something going in Searcy Yesteryear about the demolition of the National Guard Armory, next to Truman Baker Chevrolet. I passed down Race St. Saturday morning and was almost in tears as I saw NOTHING where the old armory WAS. I remember seeing basketball games in there, when Searcy High School had no gym. That's about the only memory I have of being inside it, but surely there are others out there who can relate some firsthand stories. The leaders of Searcy have NO RESPECT for history or tradition, certainly historical significance. I think I lot of people will be sorry someday (or I hope they are sorry), but doubt if it will be in our lifetime.

But another good memory: Thursday night passed by the Rialto. The marquees were lighted, folks were going in to the "show" and I could see the concession stand all lighted up.


The Baker Armory was torn down so they could build a Walgreen’s. That’s just what they need at that corner: a Walgreen’s with a drive-thru, right at one of the three busiest intersections in town.

I’m still trying to figure out how they could perform demolition of a building that’s on (or WAS on) the National Registry of Historical Places. Apparently you can’t modify them, but you can destroy them with impunity.

In all the years I lived here, I was never inside that building, but I have memories of it, nonetheless.

See, the way it worked was, on a nice evening when there was never much going on at the Dairy Queen and you were broke anyway, it was kind of nice to stop by the Armory parking lot, get out, and BS with your buddies while watching the traffic flowing by. Nothing significant ever came out of these ad hoc meetings, but they were pleasant times spent with good friends.

Wonder where the kids hold them now?

C’mon, folks, since our memories are all we have left of the old Armory, let’s share them.


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