Friday, June 24, 2005


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Don Thompson

Anita, thank you, thank you for talking about Margarete Neel. She got me excited about classical music in the 7th grade with those records you mentioned. I never fancied pop, rock 'n roll, or country western music much, but those Sunday afternoon broadcasts of the New York Philharmonic orchestra really turned me on. I wonder why I wasn't interested in the band? Probably had too many irons in the fire to be patient with the long hours needed to learn playing some instrument.

We moved to Searcy when I was 6, and my grandparents bought a big heavy upright piano. My grandmother was set on me learning to play. I took lessons from some young, pretty teacher who broke my heart when she decided to get married and stop giving lessons. I think I had 2 recitals in the First Methodist Church across the street, and that was my total experience with the piano. We rented houses and moved that piano several times before my grandfather decided that was enough and sold it. I think my grandmother was very disappointed that I didn't learn to play. I have no regrets. I would much prefer spending my time listening to accomplished pianists who have spent countless hours practicing.

I remember how excited Anita was when she discovered that poster on eBay and won the bid.

(I wonder why Bobby Scott Fuller and Judy Rice didn't become an item. He had the RCA radio and she the 45 record player.........)

(EDITOR’S NOTE: It was Don who found out that everybody and their cousin has been spelling Ms. Neel’s first AND last names incorrectly. He assures me that the spelling, as shown here, IS correct. –tlp-)

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