Saturday, June 18, 2005

CLASS OF ‘55’s 50th – Part 1

Tom Pry

Well, at last, the mystery’s solved. Got the following note from “Poppa” Don Thompson:

“I'm also surprised none of the class of 55 have sent anything to the journal. You probably saw the attached article from the Citizen. Here's a slightly better pic of the group that came from Nancy Randle Caldwell via Anita Fuller.

The Class of 1955's 50th Group Posted by Hello

"Thanks for rebuilding the journal in the new site. I've been reading it daily.”

The clip to which he refers can be found at .

Don’s note had gone to my old mailbox at SBC. I’d ordered it closed but, last night, my wife unconsciously checked hers and asked, “Why is it still open?” Dunno, but it made me check mine and, Ouila!, there was Don’s submission.

Then got a phone call from Madeline Simpson Barber. She shot the bigger part of a roll of film (you remember film, don’t you?) at the Saturday afternoon Reunion get-together and, as soon as she gets it processed, she’ll get a set to me, I’ll scan them, run one or two here, and put the rest out at Searcy Memories.

FYI, since archives in the Citizen have a nasty habit of not being available too long, the listing of class attendees was: Jimmy Lewis, Martha Baker Robinson, Pat Baugh Shourd, Carlene Dodd Willard, Geneva Selvidge, Betty Taylor Emerson, Mary Ann Burgess Arnold, Peggy Baugh Brown; second row, Julie McNiel Killough, Nancy Randle Caldwell, Sylvia Thomplins Kays, Martha Ann Jenkins Burks, Peggy Killough Burkett, Burnes Abbott, Leo Person, Larry James, Jane Huntsman Walton, Lucy McNeese Wilson, Jessie Mae Smith Rayburn, Patsy Gilreath Jordon, Margaret Owen Allen, Elizabeth Vaughan Capps; third row, Boyd Smith, Austin Whitehurst, Shirley Murdough Castleberry; back row, Glenn Jones, Buddy Sandy, Don Russell, Lavon Wyatt Phillips, Marvin Sowell, Marlene Garrison Palmer, Susie Hoffman Boyett, Billy Barger, Jo Marning Joyner, Roxie Brown Troillett, Betty Merritt Harris, and Beverly Bales Sauer. In addition, special guests were Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Robins and Mrs. James Ahlf.

Watch for the photos, just as soon as I get them – and thanks to both of you, Madeline and Don.


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