Tuesday, July 12, 2005


(Originally run 1/10/04 on our old site)

Harold Gene Sullivan

Ernie Simpson only partly remembers correctly. Marvin Sowell was very good on the baritone, but I was no good at all. I always dreaded it when Marvin missed band practice, because I was afraid that we would play a piece where the baritone had a significant part and I'd screw up.

However, I did learn a lot of music in band, and still count it as one of my most important classes. Later in life, I did take up the classical guitar, and found Mr. Laas' musical training very valuable. However, I again proved I had little musical talent, but did enjoy just playing for myself. Music has always been important to me from that early training.

Tom Pry

(The following exchange between Ernie and I was triggered by Billy Fuller’s comments about his bunch of “little guys” looking up to some of us “oldsters”).

Anita was the one who pointed out we all affect people at the damndest times with inconsequential things. For instance, I have no "loops" on the "g's" and "y's," etcetera, in my writing and signature. Why? Because (of all people) Judy Deener didn't, and I thought she had the most beautiful and distinctive handwriting I've ever seen.

(And wasn’t a bad-looking lady, either, but rather above my station, plus being a year ahead of me in school).

Nice of Billy to say it in print, though.

Ernie Simpson

One word: wow! That's exactly right. Larry Miles had the coolest cuffs on his Levi's, so mine had to be like that.


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