Thursday, July 07, 2005


Margaret Owen Allen

I remember Mady because, when my sister and I would play house in the yard, she would come by and grab all the rags we washed our dishes with and said she needed them worse than we did. We readily agreed, because we held our breath the whole time she was in our presence. But, did you know she was invited into some of the nicest homes in town once a week to enjoy a good meal? God takes care of all of us.

Ernie Simpson

(For the 4th of July) I did my traditional bugle call at the end of the patio this morning..."To The Colors" one more time. It was a noble effort, but not my finest performance. These old chops have a hard time anymore on bugle calls.

I got a note from Cliff Wiggs: said Jimmy Collins, class of '57, passed away on June 17. I remember him, but didn't know him very well. I had to get out an annual to see who he was.

Jimmy Collins (1957) Posted by Picasa
Tom Pry

When I went down to the Searcy Library to find this picture of Jimmy, I found the photo listed in the JUNIORS in the 1957 Lion, and not at all in the 1958. If he was, indeed, a member of the Class of ’57 (and, Ernie, you’ll recall you WERE the Class President, so you should know), then that would explain why he didn’t show up in ‘ 58.

As for myself … I remember seeing him around the halls, but I did not know him. Yet, even as a face, he was part of our heritage, and we are all sad to see him go.


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