Thursday, August 11, 2005


(Run originally 2/22/04 on our old site)


Ruth Ann Fuller

I remember practicing winding the May Pole at the side of the old grammar school building when I was in sixth grade. They had recorded music. We loved recess time so we could practice. Then on May 1, we wound the May Poles...there seemed to be a football field full of them. However, I think there were six spread out over the field. They had recorded music from the press box. The girls all wore white dresses. Boys escorted us up to the May Poles and then we wound them to the music. We just thought it was the greatest thing.


Dan E. Randle

If you wondered what was going on with the photo albums, I have been having a problem for the last two weeks downloading new pictures onto the site. I spent over an hour with MSN tech support today and was finally able to solve the problem.

When you are viewing the thumbnails, doubleclick on the picture you want to view and it will expand into a much larger picture. When you are through with that picture you will notice at the top of the page it will state "Back to (the album you are viewing);" click on the wording and it will return you to the thumbnail pictures.

Also you might inform everyone that, to view the next page of an album, look at the top right of the page where Page 1 is listed and click on the arrow pointing to the right to bring up the next page; as long as the arrow is visible, there is another page to be viewed.

In addition, please notice that I have added a new album for the Class of 1954; now, I need their pictures taken this year so I can add the “now” pictures in their album. We need to continue hitting everyone up for current pictures until all have sent them in. Then we will really have a Fantastic site for everyone to enjoy.


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