Sunday, October 16, 2005


In one way or another, I stumbled into a treasure trove in my old e-mail account with SBC. Instead of bouncing things, those wonderful people at Yahoo just kept storing them. I found 93 – count ‘em, 7 less than a hundred – NINETY-THREE non-spam e-mails that had been sitting there for months (including ones from Anita Hart Fuller and husband Bobby Scott).

Among them was one from Carl Wilson, who’d answered my plea for more pictures from the Class of ‘55’s 50th Class Reunion (which I had to miss).

Carl’s pix were a Godsend! I’ve already posted them on but, since there’s always a problem with identifying the players on there, I’ll identify them all here. Then, if you want a bigger shot, you can go out to the memories site and download from there.

For those of you who, like me, need a scorecard, here we go, back to last June out at EagleView:

Here’s Bernes Abbott

(L-R) Betty Merritt Harris, Jane Huntsman Walton, Lucy McNeese Wilson.

(L-R) Bill Emerson, Jim Joyner, Betty Merritt Harris & her husband, Lucy McNeese Wilson.

The formal shot of the Class of 55’s Fiftieth Birthday.

Close-ups of the group shot.

Don and Pat Russell

Jim and Jo Ann Manning

Jim and Pat Jordan

(L-R) Jim & Pat Jordan, Pat & Donald Russell

Lucy McNeese Wilson & Carl Wilson

(The authors of this foto feast)

Margaret Owens, Betty Taylor Emerson, Sylvia Tompkins Kays

(L-R) Tom Brown, Mary Ann Burguess, Peggy Baugh Brown, Jessie Smith Rayburn, Patsy Baugh Shourd.

My apologies to the Class of ’55 for the long delay in getting these up, and my sincere thanks to Carl for getting these to us.


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