Thursday, November 17, 2005


Anita Hart Fuller

Absolutely beautiful pics. I went to Searcy last week (or was it the week before?) anyway, I came home telling Bob how beautiful Searcy was!!!! And the drive from Greers Ferry TO Searcy was absolutely beautiful, too. Thanks for doing that. I've sent the website link to several of my "Nawthern" friends: New Jersey and Canada, Minnesota.

Keep on keeping on. I'm trying to think of something to write that might be of interest. Wonder if we might start something along the lines of ..... my favorite Christmas in Searcy, or something like that. I do have a vivid memory of a Christmas incident some might think interesting/funny. Or what did we eat for our Christmas dinners/Thanksgiving dinners growing up in Searcy? I realize that is a stretch but, hey.....

Tom Pry

Part of my reply to Anita:

“Glad you liked the piece, and thanks for sending the link to your yankee friends.

“All of your ideas sound good: go for it. When you look at some of the things that Ernie and I have written, you'll note that a lot of it is merely reflecting on little, seemingly-insignificant things, rather than being detail-laden histories.

“Might work for you, too.

“And could work for your golden-fingered roommate, too, if he'd get off his butt and do a little writing.”

I can be a nag sometimes; I got onto Draxie Jean Horn Rogers for still having an “Under Construction” sign on her website, which DOES exist. Part of her reply:

Hope all is well with you. I'm swamped with being caregiver for my 91-year old mother and my disabled brother, Johnny. Then the B&B. October was a good month for rentals. The leaves were unbelievable -- especially the last week in October and 1st week in November. You should plan to come up here sometime during those pretty times.

My website, when it gets up and running, will be . The site is still under construction. Do you do websites? My daughter was going to do it -- got all the software, etc. But assisting in heart transplants in babies seems to be her priority -- go figure!! Go in to Ridgeway House, Eureka Springs to see what I'm looking for. I can supply photos and copy. I just need someone to put it all together.

I put her in touch with a business colleague of mine, since I have exactly Zero expertise in what she’s looking for. If web designing were akin to oil painting, I’d be in the Paint By Numbers group, despite what you might think from looking at my own sites.

If YOU have that kind of experience, let me know and I’ll put Drax in touch with you.

NOW ….

Went to a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Professional Escrow Service Tuesday. They’ve gutted their place and completely re-done it. Looked nice.

I mention this only because (follow this chain of logic) Professional Escrow is an offshoot company of the old A. P. Strother office; it’s now named Strother-Wilbourn Land Title Company. The Wilbourn in that is the Chairman, James L. Wilbourn, who is the husband of (here’s the payoff, folks) the late Mildred Taylor Wilbourn, who (we regret to remind you) died 6/9/2004.

Well, that meeting was like old home week. Jim knows more about our graduates than I do. He’s the one who told me that Kenny Rand and Suzie Hoffman Boyett both had birthdays last weekend.

Also on hand was Shirley Baugh, who told me that that her sister-in-law, Patsy Baugh, had been visiting here in town within the past few days.

On hand ‘cause she works there was Teresa Holden, Randall Holden’s daughter-in-law.


When I met the Arkansas Railway Club members Sunday, up in Bald Knob, one of them handed me a card that I might have to make some of for myself. They say:


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