Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Tom Pry

Saturday, November 5th, was a kind of overcast day; warmish, but overcast. Yet, almost by default, that was the day we chose to do something we haven’t done in a long, long time, which was to just go out and take a drive to look at the scenery, especially the trees, taking on the colors of fall.

Didn’t have to go far to get our first picture. This one was here on North Valley Road, just ¾ of a mile up the street.

Then into town, to Ella Street, the one that runs from Beebe-Capps over to the high school, featuring a myriad of colorful trees.

Look in the other direction on Ella and, Ouila!, another nice picture.

We went up 67 to Bald Knob, then swung over onto 167 heading toward Batesville. About halfway between Pleasant Plains and Batesville is a very nice state-maintained rest stop – clean and very nicely taken care of. Nice view, too. With plenty of parking on the slope, it was possible to track down both panoramas and small shots.
Not wanting to get tangled up in the Saturday shopping tangle in Batesville, before we got there, we swung left on AR25, heading toward Heber Springs. A little creative parking two blocks off the road got us some nice shots of what I think of as the “Batesville Basin.”

The overlook at Greer’s Ferry Dam could probably make money if admission were charged for it. Blessedly, it’s free and may be the best free view in the entire state.

Hope you enjoyed the trip with Karen, Mom and me. In just a week, the leaves have gone: but we’ve got the memories, haven’t we?

Have a nice winter.


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