Monday, July 31, 2006

Just Using Her Name Incorrectly would cause PROBLEMS

Jo Ann Roth Cooper class of 1957 says:

I lived at 1204 West Arch for 18 years until I left to go to college. It was across the street from Robert and Marcia Edwards who were my first cousins. Linda Allison, another cousin, lived with us until my mother became a house mother and I left for college. The house has been painted a bright blue now.

I was a year behind your sister Mary Kathryn in school. Your cousin Bobby, deceased, and I were born on the same day and went all the way through school together in Searcy, I believe we were even born in the same hospital. It was Wakenight Sanatorium then but later became Rodgers Hospital.

I worked in the principal's office one period my senior year. I was also co-editor of the annual and Miss Thornton was sponsor. Her first name was Lois.

Eloise Bleight was a good friend of mine and classmate. One day Eloise was walking down the hall and I spoke to her. I presume I didn't sound her name out very well. Mr. Yarbrough, the principal, heard me and called me into his office and really got on to me for calling Miss Thornton by her first name. My mother and Miss Thornton were friends and he knew it. I would not have thought to call her by her first name.

I did some tall explaining to get out of trouble.


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