Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Moving On - Passing the torch

I would like to express my feeling on assuming responsibility and moving forward with the Searcy Yesteryear Blog. Both of us are looking forward but it will require a learning curve to understand everything we need to know. No one can replace Tom Pry and his talents as wordsmith, so Bill Benz and I are asking for your assistance in submitting articles, stories, photos to keep things interesting.

Where were you when you met your spouse?
Where and what were you doing when you heard of Kennedy's death?
What were you doing when 9/11 happened? Did you believe it at first, how has it changed you?

Bill and I are experiencing some technical issues in getting everything set up and ready to go. At this time we are asking you to send your replies to :


Blogger Tom Pry said...

Check the mail link, guys. I just tried sending you a message and it immediately bounced back.

7:22 AM  

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