Friday, July 07, 2006

CLASS OF 56 - THE BIG 50th - Part 10

More of Mary Kay's shots:

Carolyn, Linza & Evelyn Whisnant

Carolyn, Pat, Marianne and Draxie

Draxie must've found it a relief to have someone
else providing the service for a change. She runs a very nice B&B,
"Rogers Sunnyside Inn" in Eureka Springs. Call her at
800-554-9499 to reserve a room, tell her you're a SHS
grad, and I'll bet you'll get a nice rate.

Elmer Dale, attempting to map, if not explain, the
world of the last sixteen years.

Gary Gray had the job of explaining the 70s. He was
working from notes since, like the 60s, if you can
remember the 70s, you probably weren't there.

Imogene Edwards Benton and Larry Cofer

Stay tuned for yet more!


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