Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Madeline Simpson Barber

HI, I enjoyed your pictures on your blog site, and I appreciate the kind words about accepting me as a member of the group.

I had a great time visiting with all my former classmates. I actually went to school with most of the class of "56" for nine years, so I really grew up with them, and have a lot of pleasant memories of those days.

You mentioned Judy Palmer living on Race Street, where the Midnight Oil is now located. I lived in a house next to that for several years, and that is one reason why I left Searcy High to go to Harding Academy. We did not have a car, and I had to walk to school. You may remember the White House Cafe and Grocery: our duplex house was next to that. My mother was a widow, and we rented all my school years.

I feel I should correct one statement about Ernie being my first cousin. He actually was my second cousin, not that it really matters to anyone, but just to set the record straight. I really felt bad about not being in Arkansas when he passed away. I would have gone to his funeral had I been here, and if I had known. He was a really nice guy.

Thanks again for all the good work you have done keeping everyone informed about so many of our friends past and present. Searcy was and still is a great place to live and attend school.

Tom Pry

And thank you: all kind words gratefully accepted.

Note to Nettie Jo Seanard Kiss: Sorry, I don't know to what gospel group Linza Ray Whisnant belongs.

Coming up later today – Part One of Mary Kathryn’s photographic take on the Reunion.


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