Sunday, June 25, 2006


Mary Kay James

The details for the reunion are coming together. Carolyn Hill and I talked this morning and finalized some things.

I have completed the Class Roster in excel. I will print this for everyone who attends.

43 persons will be attending the evening event. Judy Owens Palmer, widow of Darrell Max, wanted to come, so I sent her an invitation. I have received her check for $25.00 and she will be coming with Marianne Bennett.

Carolyn proof read the “program” for me this morning. I need to make those corrections and print it on Tuesday of next week. I have all that on my PC at work.

Tom Pry

And a final invitation to ALL SHS grads: come visit us from 1:30-4:00 out at Eagleview on Saturday, July 1st. We’d love to see you. Free of charge, promise.


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