Saturday, June 03, 2006


Tom Pry

Reunion News

Got an interesting call Friday afternoon (6/2). It was from a fellow named Howard Fulbright. If that name doesn’t mean much to most of us who came out of high school in the 50s, it’s because Howard is a member of the SHS Class of 1946.

Anyway, the reason Howard called was to invite me to come take pictures at today’s (6/3) 60th Reunion of the Class of ’46. They’re holding it at the Ahlf Middle School, on the site of our old high school.

Unless something totally unexpected comes up, I’ll be there and, if at all possible, I’ll have pictures up here tomorrow (6/4).

A couple of reminders about reunions. The 50th Reunion of the SHS Class of ’56 takes place Saturday, July 1st, at Eagleview. Everyone from every class is invited to the mixer on that Saturday afternoon from 1:30 to 4:00. Come swap lies and other distorted memories.

I’ll have photos of that get-together, too, that weekend and the following weekend … and that will end my involvement with this web site. We need someone to take it over, or that will be the end of it.

Think about it.

Riddles solved

Got a note a few weeks ago from Carolyn Reed Hill.

“A friend told me you said I had worked the Rialto in the POPCORN--Not me---that was my husband Jim. I worked the ticket counter some to be with him. I worked also at Searcy Federal Savings & Loan from the time I was 15. Just helping you with memory. Jim & I married while he was working at the Rialto. Popcorn was in boxes.”

I sent her a note that it was a memory of the lamentably late Ernie Simpson, whose memory was that she made the best popcorn in history. That prompted this note about a week later:

“Tom, I kept thinking about what you said about Ernie Simpson. He is/was a friend of my sister-in-law, Carol Hill. She graduated the year behind us. Yes, she made popcorn and worked at the Rialto. Her name now, is Carol Richardson. I just didn't think about her before.”

I love it when we can solve a mystery.

Passed on to us by Gene Barnett

Two new announcements:

Donna Benton, Class of 1962, is the new bride of local fellow, Jim Wilbourn. We are happy for Donna and Jim. Their new address is: 205 Billy Davis Drive, Searcy.

In the Class of l961, Mary Huntley Ghent is the new bride of local fellow, Bob Cargile. Her address is now 522 Country Club Road.

Our best wishes to both of the new couples.


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