Friday, May 12, 2006


I ran a sort of footnote from Anita Hart Fuller last weekend that seemed to be a continuation of a lost thought. Turned out I was right: I’d never got Part One. Anita explains:

I said Bob and I were watching GMA last week when the segment about removing soft drink machines in the public schools came on - citing obese school children as a growing problem, etc. We began to think about any really fat classmates in our class or the others we could think of, and we couldn't think of a one! There were some I'd call large, but no one fat. And there was only one drink machine, a Coke™ machine at the end of the hall close to the physics lab, typing classroom and boy's bathroom. I have no recollection of getting a Coke - we certainly didn't have any time between classes. Bob thinks he might have gotten a Coke to go with his lunch when there would be club meetings at noon. We'd certainly have to be very careful with the bottles, as they were glass and the floor concrete. Anyway, we then began to recall how much we all walked. I know it was a mile from my house to the school and we even walked home for lunch, having an hour. That's 4 miles just to start off. We either walked or rode our bicycles.

I think that was about all, then that prompted me to write about why we could walk everywhere: sidewalks and the school centrally located.

And, as always, she’s right.

P.S. Did ANYONE take pictures at the little “mini reunion” at The Rib Crib a couple of week’s ago? If so, share, please.



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