Sunday, April 09, 2006


THE PLEA: If you have the e-mail addresses/snail mail addresses of any of the members of the SHS Class of 1956, would you e-mail them to me, please? You can do it by way of the comments buttons down there.

Please send us these addresses whether you think we already have them or not: we’d rather get each one three times than miss anyone.

THE NEWS: Plans are firming up for the Class of ’56 50th Reunion. It’ll be Saturday, July 1st, at Eagleview, just to the north side of Searcy. 2-5 in the afternoon will be a very casual get-together to which all friends and acquaintances from whatever class are invited, just to visit and chat and swap lies a bit.

Dinner will be that night. Details are not totally nailed down, but looks to be either $20 or $25 a head. If you take $8.00 out of each of your next three Social Security deposits, you’ll be alright.

More as the info firms up.


I was just wondering if you had heard anything else regarding Brenda Daniels. Today is my mother's birthday, so I guess today I'm even more curious.

Also, do you have a way that I could get in touch with Frank Thompson? I would only do so with his permission though. I have a lot of questions that maybe he could answer. If you had an email address for him, that would be great. Again, please let him know that I do not want toinvade his privacy. I only want to see if he can remember anything about when Brenda left Searcy.

I appreciate your helping me. This is so important to me and my family.

Mandy Moore


There’s a rather poignant back story to Mandy’s request for information about Brenda. If you have any idea where she went, please let us know and we’ll pass it on to her. In the meantime, I’ve put her in touch with Frank. –tlp-


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