Saturday, March 11, 2006



The Visitation for Ernest “Ernie” Simpson will be this evening from 5-8, with the funeral tomorrow at 2, both at Emerson Funeral Home in Jonesboro, AR. These are comments we have received and which we now share with you.

Ann Shannon Snodgrass

His death is a loss for all who knew him and benefited from his kindness and humor

Anita Hart Fuller

So sad and sorry about Ernie. I had hoped he could pull out of it.

Kayte Wattam (Pittsburgh)

My sympathies on the loss of your friend, Ernie. He sounds like the kind of guy I would have been proud to know, too.

Gene Barnett

I was so saddened to read about Ernie's passing from this life. He was a super guy and a great friend since childhood. He will be missed all who knew him.

Dan E. Randle

This is a very sad day. When I received the news of Ernie's death, I cried for the loss. I forwarded the email to Al English. I plan to make a donation to the American Cancer Society in Ernie's name. I think that will honor him more than sending flowers. Now it's just you and me. (The family has since requested contributions to the ACS in lieu of flowers. –tlp-)

Draxie Horn Rogers

Tom, I know you were a very good friend to Ernie. Rest assured your feeling of great loss is felt by many more of your and his friends. This, indeed, is a very sad time. The most comforting thought is that his pain is gone and he is now resting in God's arms. However, before long, I feel certain he will be cast as one of the main trumpeters -- right along with Louis Armstrong! And won't he love that! (Yeah, he will – although he’ll insist that Rafael Mendez join them.)

Jim Bohannon

Rest in Peace, Ernie. You are now with the Angels in Heaven.

Jef (in the Philippines)

I'm sorry to hear about Ernie. I read your previous post about him and he indeed exuded what it is like to be a great person inside and out. With the poverty he endured in his earlier life, he might have been justified to be bitter and a self-loathing person...but he traveled the road less taken and brought forth the quality of a very optimistic man: a man that should be emulated. I'm pretty sure the Lord has a new "angel" recruit.

Rest in Peace, old chum.

Ernest Simpson 1939-2006


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