Saturday, February 25, 2006


Stuart Simpson

Spoke to the doc about dad this morning (Friday). He's not better, but he's not worse. He's holding his own. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

This week, dad's oxygen was lowered to 50% and the doc discovered he was retaining too much fluid and it was ending up in his lungs. This caused his oxygen to be increased to 65%. Then, the doc had to get the fluid off, so by medication and reduced nutrition, they were able to get the fluid off. We were hopeful that today (Thursday) they would now lower the oxygen back to 50%, but the doc wanted to wait until tomorrow and see. 2 steps forward, 1 step back. But that's still progress.

It’s a slow process and he doesn't want to rush anything or cause harm. The doc's favorite phrase is "He's no worse", but I like, "He's better today doc, what do you think?" Always trying to encourage positive thinking, like dad taught me.

Keep praying for him. I am always optimistic and hopeful that we'll get that tube out soon and his lungs will be clear, or at least clear enough to be off that ventilator. We didn't realize he'd have to be on it this long, and neither did dad. But as long as he's making progress, we are going to fight and help him fight.

Jim Bohannon

That was a very nice article that you wrote about Ernie this morning. I too, hope he gets better. Ernie and I were in the same graduating class of 1957. He was and is a good friend.

Although, our paths didn't meet again until 1997. We found ourselves working together on 1997 class reunion preparation.

We had some wonderful times sharing old memories. I remember most his friendly and outgoing personality, which couldn't help but radiate to me and others.

He will be in my prayers too.

Thank you for his medical update and thank you again for your gracious words about Ernie.

Ernie, get well soon!

Former colleague Art Williams (Alltel)

I will keep you and Ernie in my prayers. The Lord be with your spirit, and Grace be with you.


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