Saturday, February 18, 2006


From Ernie’s son, Stuart, last night (Friday):

He was getting better, then seemed to have a relapse, as his stats weren't as good.

So, they did another culture yesterday to see if there was anything else in his lungs. It'll take a few days to grow. They are doing everything they can.

His oxygen is at 70%, which is good because, yesterday, it was at 95%. They are still trying to get him off the vent.

Bad thing about the vent is that it is so bothersome, they have to keep him sedated. Heavily sedated. He can't wake up.

We sure wish he could get the vent out.

Keep praying.

I will. Join me, will you?

This was the day Karen and I were to go to Jonesboro to see Shelia and Ernie. -tlp-


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