Sunday, January 22, 2006


Tom Pry

Well, here we are on Sunday, and I’ve already blown the one item I received this week, Ernie’s excellent recounting of one of life’s little embarrassing moments (see below, if you missed it).

Can’t run ‘em if I don’t have ‘em, folks.

In stumbling around to find something to fill this space, I was reminded that this coming Thursday is the annual Hall of Honor program, at which Ruth Fuller, among others, will be installed.

This reminded me that it was just a year ago that Luther Hardin took his place on that wall, leading to a spate of stories, the final one of which was:

It was Life Magazine for 2/3/41, and they were covering a dance for servicemen. Although they both of them were dancing fools, that is not Krystal dancing with Luther. She says she was in high school at the time this was taken.

FYI, they didn’t meet until he joined the faculty at Arkansas Tech after the war as a flying instructor. By that time, Krystal was working in the Tax Collector’s office, Luther walked in to pay his taxes and that’s all she wrote. True love at first sight.

P.S. Krystal’s rather tall. She always called Luther “Shorty,” as apparently did everyone else in his family.

‘Pologize for the quality of the photos, but there are reasons.

Let’s have some stories, PLEASE: most of you went to school in the Searcy system much longer than did I.


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Harold Gene Sullivan

First, a little background, I graduated from SHS in 1953. I have lived in the Seattle area for the past 40+ years and now live in Issaquah WA, about 20 miles east of Seattle along I-90 in an area called “Washington’s Alps”. After using a manual wheelchair for 20+ years, my shoulder joints have worn out. The shoulder joints are just not designed for all that work. Four years ago I had the left one replaced and last August the right one. As part of my recovery, in November-Decmeber I had an Occupational Therapist coming out to the house to work with me a couple of times a week. Of course, we did lots of visiting during the exercises. One day something came up about both my wife, Carolyn Cranford from McRae, and me being from the South. He said, “I was born in Michigan but graduated from high school in a small town in Arkansas named Searcy. Have you ever heard of it?” After picking my teeth up off the floor, I told him that was my hometown. His name is Brian Carlson. He said that his family moved to Searcy when he was in the 6th grade. His dad worked for Vickers. He graduated from Searcy High in 1991, almost 40 years later than my 1953 graduation. He, also, went to the same church I did, the First Methodist Church. He did know several people who were kids or grandkids of people I knew, but we didn’t seem to have any direct acquaintances in common. We had lots of fun talking about things in and around Searcy. He enjoyed the old pictures I had. Also, around this time there were some posting about the Rialto Theater which he had fond memories of. After graduating from high school, he went to the University of Arkansas where he got his OT degree. Since then he has been what he termed a “traveling therapist”. He is single and likes to travel so he just takes part time OT jobs and moves every two or three years. It is a small, small world.

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