Saturday, December 31, 2005


Madeline Simpson Barber

Hi, I just discovered your Christmas e-mail. Thank you for thinking of me. We have been busy with health problems, and company and all that, so I have not responded to the mention of me in Yesteryear, but I did see it, and I certainly appreciate the invitation to be a part of the festivities. I sent my form back to Carolyn (Reed Hill), but I also reminded her I did not graduate with the class. I actually missed the most memorable years...the last three. Anyway, I do appreciate it, and plan to come, if there are no objections.

I also have not written anything to yesteryear in a while, because I guess I feel a little bit like Susie: it seems you band kids bonded so much, that I really do not feel as if I have much to contribute. I do however, enjoy reading your remarks.

My husband, Chet, and I reached a special milestone in our lives on Christmas Day. You may have seen our picture in the paper. We celebrated 50 years of marriage at Wyldewood Retreat Center on the 18th of December. Our kids really outdid themselves with a very nice reception. We also stayed out there all weekend, and had our Christmas there.

I was glad to see Ernie looking so happy in the picture you posted. I wrote to him after I found out about the cancer, and he never responded. I was surprised, and I still do not understand why he didn't, but I decided he has his reasons, and that is okay. I am running out of space here, so thanks again, and Happy New Year to you and yours!

Tom Pry (1)

Madeline, at the Class of 56’s 50th Year Reunion (7/1/06), we’d like to have anyone who might have been a member of our class at any point, whether they graduated with us or not. As it happens, you were SPECIFICALLY mentioned as an example. So, yep, come on down!

I guess that, sometimes, this site does look like it’s reserved just for the “band kids,” but that’s not the case at all. I guess we tend to be a bit more cohesive, simply because we had so many shared experiences, and traveled as a group much more than our non-musical peers. Yet, most of our classmates were NOT musicians, and this is as much their site as us loud-mouths.

Let’s hear it, gang!

Congrats on the 50th Anniversary for you and Chet. As it happens, your cousin (and my wife’s boss) Deloris DID mention it to Karen, but she didn’t mention it to me, so I didn’t get a copy of the picture, but I’m glad your kids set up a nice one.

You’re right: Ernie’s upbeat spirit is a wonder. (For those who came into this movie late, Ernie’s been battling cancer for the last year). It’s also enough to make me wonder how I’d react in similar circumstances. Not hearing from him shouldn't be taken personally: between the normal (??) vagaries of computers, Ernie tells me that that garbage they send through the veins during chemo does tend the sidetrack a few synapses in the brainpan. Write him again.

You and Chet (and all the rest of you out there) have a great AND SAFE New Year’s Eve and Day.

Dan E. Randle

You will need to read what goes on the site fast, It moves right along. You can click on the pause button on the bottom left to pause the show, then click on the forward play to continue.

Jim Bohannon

Earlier today, I received a nice email from Clifton Wiggs. Great to hear from him, thanks to you. I thought you might be interested in what has been going on with me in recent years, so I'm sending you a copy too. Thanks again for your website. Wonderful information about past years in Searcy. Keep up the good work.

Hello Cliff, I received your e-mail. It was great to hear from you. How long has it been? I suppose since our high school days. Or, I may recall seeing you at one of our past reunions. Before I retired in Feb-02, I would see Coy Benton at the local post office from time to time. He always made it a point to speak and ask how I'm doing? I had forgotten that you're cousins. I recall seeing Charles Hunter at the 40th reunion in 1997. Were you there?

I hope all of you are well, as well as all former classmates from Class of 1957. My wife, Reba, and I sat next to Homer Wilson and his wife (Margie as I recall) during the reunion dinner in 1997. Great to visit with them.

The funeral(s) that you mentioned … hopefully,they weren’t one of our former classmates. While in Virginia, I sadly read of Bobby Chapman and Rebecca Cox Fortune passing away.

Send me a postcard or e-mail sometime and keep in touch. Providence willing, and all classmates’ health continue, we'll be able to hold a 50th reunion in 2007. I'm sure Ernie, Coy and others will want to try and make it happen. Would be great to see all again.

As for me, my wife and I retired in Feb, 2002, and moved to Manassas, VA near Washington, DC. We still maintain seasonal residence there (summers and fall), as well as in Montana.

Probably about late March, Reba and I will start traveling again. Hopefully, our health will continue allowing us to see other parts of the good ole USA.

I'm a history buff and participate in Civil War reenactments. Enclosed is a picture of me taken last fall in Virginia. "Wrong color!” you say? Yes, I'm a Yankee Artillery officer. However, sometimes, I do fight on the Rebel side, if an extra Confederate uniform is available.

Most of the time, though, I'm on the Union side. Lots of fun and helps keep me physically active. Last time I checked, one of the battlefield sites still had some of my pictures on their website. If you would like to check it out, go to and key on 2004/5 pictures. My picture contribution is down toward the end of pages.

My Searcy mailing address for messages is: Jim Bohannon, PO Box 8006, Searcy, AR 72145

If you're in contact with any of the Searcy 1950's era classmates. Please pass on to them my best regards.

Yours truly,

James (Jim) Bohannon

Tom Pry (2)

First, I must explain that, under ordinary conditions, I do NOT release peoples’ e-mail addresses, even via e-mail. But I checked with Jim, and he said it was okay to use it.

Homer Wilson and his clan live just up the road from us. It must be genetic: all of his kids and grandkids seem to have inherited Homer’s lead foot on the accelerator.


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