Sunday, December 18, 2005


Sandi Laas Brickley

Hi Tom...

Sorry it's taken so long to get the photo you requested of my dad...It was taken the year before he passed away (1984).

I loved reading up on all the Searcy things and promise (once again) to get more information to you...I have quite a bit so. if you have any ideas on the best way to do this, I'd be happy to follow your suggestions.

To bring you up to date just a little...yes, the photo of the piano recital of Miss Ward was me (you weren't sure). I loved being the band mascot and never for a moment thought I was anything except "one of the gang"

I remember Ernie Simpson (I was starting to play the baritone and he played the cornet).

We moved from Searcy when I was 11 and my dad continued with his music teaching...first at Elston Jr. High then at Barker Jr High and throughout the Michigan City Public Elementary Schools. He also continued to write and publish...Sandra Overture being my favorite.

For general information, I also continued with music and twirling...1st female drum major in high school, a member of the Purdue University "Rockettes of the Gridiron", featured twirler as a "Golden Girl representative" in the Miss Indiana Parade, Quebec Winter Carnival, etc. Also the 1st female in the brass section of the Purdue Symphonic Band (by audition only).

I continued in Simsbury, CT with the baritone and community band as President and with enough Margaritas have been know to entertain our guests with my twirling or the Purdue Fight Song on my event not easily forgotten.

Both of our kids played baritone but went the way of the bass guitar and regular guitar...Still playing, though.

My mother, Cecil (now CeeCee), remarried...another musician & former band director (a bachelor and close friend of over 30 years). They still live in Michigan City, Indiana.

Thanks for remembering my dad in such a wonderful way. It's been extremely special to my kids and our family to know what an impact he had on some very nice and talented people.

Tom Pry

Well, don’t sell you and your Mom short, either: we’ve remembered you for 51 years, now, so none of you qualify as Eminently Forgettable. And the thought of you as a Boilermaker …. !

Write us some more, please … and have a Merry Christmas.


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