Saturday, March 25, 2006


Anita Hart Fuller

Tom, that was beautiful what you posted today. I wish I had some personal encounters with Ernie, but just don't. Here is the only one:

Years ago, when I lived in Oak Park, IL, I went with a friend to a conference (she was a Waddell & Reed financial planner) in a neighboring suburb, can't even remember where. It was in a big motel. We were walking down the corridor going to our meeting room, Ernie was coming toward us, as he was also there for a meeting, Hytrol-related. We both recognized each other about the same time - very surprised, as you can imagine. We hugged right there in the hall.

I had to put one foot out behind me to keep my balance, but as that was the way the movie stars in our day would do when hugged or kissed, my friend just hooted. I don't think she ever believed me that I was about to fall! We didn't talk much, as we both needed to get on with it.

Small world, as we know.As I recall, Frank Thompson was my little band buddy just like you were when I was a big senior. Bet he wouldn't know me today if I walked in his front door. Hi, Frank!

Elois Bleidt Pelton

Hi---I read your comments about Ernest on your web site and I want to thank you for placing it in your web site----a great tribute to the "three" men you wrote about--- I know Ernest would be very please to read the things you and others have written about him....again, thanks!

Tom Pry

And thanks to both of you for contributing, and for the kind words.

Folks, as I get things to post on here, I will do so. I am NOT, though, going to attempt any kind of regular schedule anymore. I’ve done about 600 entries to this site and its predecessor and, even with your help, I’ve run dry. You’ve got to remember that I spent only 5 of my 12 years in school in the Searcy system, so I’m rather limited in my source material.

Keep sending them cards & letters and, when I get them, they’ll appear here. As it is, my own 50th Anniversary Reunion Committee isn’t even communicating with me (it’s set for July 1st at Eagleview, the last I heard), so I’m essentially packing it in on this site.

For you newcomers, you will find a wealth of material in the archives, to the left.

My thanks to those who’ve contributed, some more than others, but ALL welcome.


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