Sunday, July 02, 2006

CLASS OF '56 - THE BIG 50th - Part 2

More photos and memories of the 7/1/06 50th Reunion of the SHS Class of 1956:

(Dr.) Marianne Bennett and Bill Barger

The skillful and eminent Dr. Robert Miller, D.D.S.
Robert's taking out all my teeth right now, and combining it with
his hobby of wood turning. He finds the noises I make rather amusing when he starts
his lathe spinning, with my head pinned on one end, my feet the other.
(This, in case you haven't figured it out, is a joke .. although it COULD happen before we're done).

The highest-degree parade ends with
Dr. Robin "Chirp" Moore, still teaching full time up in Harrison.

Faye Usery Thomas came over from Albuquerque for the
reunion. Faye became an R.N.

Gary Gray and his wife, Adella, long-time residents of Fayetteville.

Imogene Edwards Benton (now in Little Rock) and
Madeline Simpson Barber, who splits her time between Searcy and
Texas. Although Madeline didn't do the whole four years with us,
she's still one of ours, so far as we're concerned. (FYI, she's a second cousin
to the late Ernie Simpson).

Imogene Edwards Benton's back, Ruth Smith Moore's front, Carolyn
Morris (who still owns the Rose-Ann Motel) and, running his
mouth, Clifton Carson.

James Hill and Kenneth Levy, both still local boys.

Judy Palmer and Mary Kathryn Van Patten James. Mary
Kathryn has always lived in Searcy, but now has a job that has her
travelling all over the place, running the over-50 travel club
for First Security Bank (tough job).



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