Sunday, July 02, 2006

THE CLASS OF 56 - THE BIG 50TH - Part 3

Here's the rest of the shots I took at the afternoon Open House.

Kevin Carson and Bill Wallerstedt. Kevin is the son of Clifton Carson,
since Mom wasn't feeling too well. As for Bill ... stay tuned a bit later.

Larry James

Linda Bolton Ballard and Gay Wallerstedt. Gay didn't put her
maiden name on her name tag, and it drove us nuts until someone
finally clued us in to the mystery: remember Gay Goree? Yep,
that's her.

Linza Ray Whisnant and James Hill. Linza now sings with
a gospel quartet.

Linza and Marianne

Patsy Ruth Norman Pryor

Polly Hayes West and Jimmy Don Jackson

Ruth Smith Moore

Roger Duncan (Class of '57) and Max Benton.



Anonymous Mary Kay James said...

Tom, that is Roger Duncan, class of 1957 with Max Benton. :) mkay james

11:18 PM  

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