Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Let’s get the sad stuff out of the way first; it has to do with Patsy Sutherlin’s mother, as reported by …

Mary Kay James

I got a call from Shirley Wood, Patsy’s cousin in Judsonia. She told me that “Aunt Ruby” had died and she had spoken with both Jane and Patsy.

The family is scattered so the service will be next Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 p.m., July 11, 2006, at West Side Church of Christ here in Searcy. Visitation will be on Monday evening, July 10, at Roller Daniel.

Moving on …

Mary Kay now has most of the photos I took and is combining it with her own photos onto a CD, copies of which will be available from Mary Kathryn.

She also did something extremely neat and extremely well: that group shot in front of Eagleview .. well, Draxie Jean Horn Rogers, following a tradition at least 54 years old, was late for the picture taking, so Mary Kay jiggled her into the picture, so her group photo is more complete than mine. (Incidentally, it was her husband, Larry, who took both shots, with our cameras. Man worked his fanny off for what was not even his reunion).

Front Row: Patsy Ruth Norman Pryor, Barbara Russell Wood, Faye Usery Thomas, Dr. Marianne Bennett, Carolyn Morris, Madeline Simpson Barber, Carolyn Reed Hill, and Linda Ballard Bolton. Second Row: Tom Pry, Clifton Carson, Dr. Robert Miller, Jimmy Don Jackson, Gary Gray, Linza Ray Whisnant, Polly Hayes West, Dr. Robin Miller, Imogene Edwards Benton, Gay Goree Wellenstedt, Pat Merritt Barger, Mary Kathryn Van Patten James, and Draxie Horn Rogers. Back Row: Max Benton, Kenneth Levy, James Hill, Bishop Tommy Henderson, Elmer Dale Yancey, Larry Cofer, and Nettie Jo Seanard Kiss.

Stand by for more pictures.


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