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Ernie's story about Sarah was a jewel.

I have either a prelude or a sequel story, depending on when Ernie's encounter occurred.

In 1983, I managed a maintenance and training group supporting the Army's TACJAM system built by my company, GTE Government Systems in Mt. View CA. We were at Ft. Stewart, near Savanna, GA.

I need to explain that the TACJAM system was built for desert use. It is a tracked vehicle carrying communication jamming equipment. Before Ft. Stewart, the systems had gone through a shakedown test in the near-desert terrain near Carson City, NV. Most of the maintenance crew had been there months earlier. We were participating in an OPEVAL (Operations Evaluation) for deployment to Germany.

Now for the story.

One of the maintenance chaps went on a week's vacation and, when he got back, he was accompanied by his new bride. When she was introduced to the crew, many greeted her in a familiar manner. Later all was explained. It turns out she had been one of the Kit Kat Ranch hostesses, and so many of the men were quite familiar with her.

Now there is a good part about this story as I learned later. She had had a pretty rough time growing up and had gotten in that line of work as a way of being wanted and loved. This is probably a reason many women become Kit Kats.

The maintenance chap had fallen for her and decided to take her out of that environment. I think she was comfortable with the situation and was accepted by everyone.

I hope they have had a good life.

There is another story about the Kit Kat Ranch. One of my neighbors was fond of taking dune buggies out into the desert area, again, near Carson City. There would be a group that would get together for a rally. One time, they had just finished their daily runs and were settling down in their RVs when a group of ladies appeared out of nowhere. Yep, those ladies were from the Kit Kat Ranch out drumming up business.

Too funny!



If Ernie had had his “druthers,” I’m sure he would’ve preferred the story to have a happy ending: Sarah in happy domesticity.

We’ll never know, of course. I will, though, refer you to Leon Uris’ “Armageddon,” with a somewhat similar situation. They fell in love and decided to get married on the simple grounds that the two of them already knew the worst about each other.

I think Ernie would’ve liked your story, Don.

Thanks for sharing. –tlp-

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