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I bid on the 1942 SHS (Cavalier) yearbook and got it Sat. I spent time looking at it last night. It seems it was the first yearbook published since 1930. Wow! 12 years without a yearbook.

The class of 1942 was the first class to graduate from the new $100,000 high school.

The book owner's name was Lucille Harwood and she was indeed a popular girl with both students and faculty.

The comments are precious. My favorite comment is by a teacher named Maxiene Graves, Social Science.

L is for lovely

Indeed it applies to you.
U is for useful
The little things you do.
C is for clever
an asset to unfold.
I is for industry

An endeavor to behold.
L again appears in your name.

To me it stands for the above.
L a third time is written
To me it stands for love.
E is the end for everything.
Fate has indeed to you been kind.
My wish for you is happiness in
everything you find.

How about that for a teacher comment?

Oh heck, I have to mention one more.

Pupils like you make teaching a pleasure. Your presence in my class is always an inspiration.

Next year who will tell me about the lives of authors! You are a very lovely person with a fine intellect.

Make them both work in your
successes and happiness. Sincerely yours,
Ollie May Hicks

I had Mrs. Hicks as well.

Here's the Faculty page.
Here's an activity page. The lovely Lucille Harwood can be seen lower left.
Harold Sullivan says his brother A.J. was in the seventh grade then. Harold has identified A.J. as the 4th from the left bottom row.

It would be interesting to know if Lucille Harwood is still around.



Eddie Best wrote:

Hi, Don - thanks for sending this. Your comments are interesting also. I think one of our Historical Society members, Lucille Harris, graduated from SHS about this time. I am sending your message to her daughter` Martha Poplin.

Eddie Best


White County Historical Society


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