Monday, July 02, 2007


Robert Miller

Did I read it right that you had a pacemaker? Hope everything is going better for you now. This aging thing isn't easy, is it?

I was reading some from Searcy Yesteryear and came across the names of Wallace Evans and Morris Brookhart. I haven't seen Morris since the college days in Fayetteville, where he was studying to be an architect. He would catch a ride home to Searcy with my sisters and me on occasion. He was a very sharp young man as I remember.

Though Wallace Evans was a year ahead of me in school, we were friends. On one occasion, I was walking home to Gum Springs and Wallace came along on his motorcycle and offered me a ride. There was no place for a passenger to sit, though. He said just get up on the handle bars. Well, that was when Hwy 267 was gravel. My extra weight on the front made it difficult for him to keep the machine in the road. He made it to the Gum Spring Cemetery and let me off. That was a wild ride.

Take care


Tom Pry

My comment: getting older beats the alternative. As it is, we’ve done well to live as long as we have.

By the way, can I reprint that on SY?


Yes, we are lucky to here on earth when we dodged the bullet on polio, pneumonia, spinal menigitis, just to name a few.

It is OK to run the comments on Morris and Wallace. Did Morris become an architect? I graduated and left for dental school before he finished and never saw him again.


Dummy here, for some reason, thought it was Wallace Evans who was studying architecture, and sent him a note. His reply:

Wallace Evans

I'm afraid I did not become an architect and I don't think a Ph. D. in Fisheries Science gets very close to being an architect.

Please pass this on to Robert Miller. Do you have Robert's email address, phone no., and address?


It was Morris Brookhart that was in architecture. It was good to hear from Wallace though. I have his e-mail in my address book and will drop him a line. If you get a contact for Morris B., please forward to me.


In cases like this, I send the originator’s note to the person being sought; then it’s up to them as to whether to share their personal information or not.

Unfortunately, in the case of Morris Brookhart, I can’t, because I don’t have it. If you do, share, please? People miss him.

Have a nice 4th of July.


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