Monday, June 18, 2007


As noted here before by your Editor, the Prince of Rudeness (I take lessons from Simon Cowell), in high school, Clifton Carson was at the top of my list of genial, laidback, nice-to-know individuals who’d never produce a creative thought off the football field.

Boy! Was I wrong!

Clifton sends us the following note:

Thought I would let you know my latest Article " We Must Return to our Constitution" was first for last week with 25,956 page views and the other former first of mine has now had over 64,000 page views. So far every article I have written has finished in the top ten for the week it was published.

Also noticed that if you Google "Cliff Carson" you will find me on several entries.

When I asked Cliff where he hid this stuff, he replied:

Just go to then click populist party

In the upper left select daily commentaries

Good going, Cliff! How about writing some memories for this site?



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