Sunday, June 03, 2007


Well, the Class of ’57 finally held its 50 Year Class Reunion,, and it was quite an affair. Good turnout, too, especially considering that 19 people (including this site's co-founder Ernie Simpson) were shown as deceased.

We planted ourselves back in a corner table and let the party come to us (trying to carry an oxygen tank, take pictures AND notes is a skill beyond me).

Hidden away like that, I didn’t get too many pictures at the 4-6 p.m. Visitation, and none at all of the Reunion program itself but, hopefully, some photos will be sent to us – especially by Jim Bohannon; ole Jimbo had a camera he could take to New York and make a living with.

But, we got some photos with, as we said, hopefully more to come.

Saturday afternoon, June 2nd, we were glad to see:

ANITA GAY GENTRY, visiting in from her home in North Carolina. Anita and I had a very interesting relationship: the summer of 1955, we were on the phone about every day for extended periods of time (phones, an 8-party line, were new in our neighborhood). Besides being a great conversationalist, she also had a good view of Highway 36, and could give me a 10-minute warning when she saw one of my parents heading home. We never dated with each other.

COY BENTON (left) and friends. Coy lives now in Ft. Smith.

JIM BOHANNON Frequently referred to herein as “The Confederate Yankee.” Jimbo is a Civil War reenactor – usually as a Union officer, hence the nickname I hung on him. Jim put together the souvenir book for the Reunion … and it’s the best I’ve ever seen anywhere. It was obviously a case of emotional caring and technical pride It will be a keepsake for the rest of the class’ time on this earth.


to let me know that I was the ONLY boy who ever stood her up in high school. I was quick to let her know she was the only gal I ever stood up. As it happened, I got lost around Center Hill and never could find her house. She took it good-naturedly, though … but also took a lengthy period catching up on a 53-year slight.

KAREN PRY & MARY KAY JAMES I should have titled this one “Alpha and Omega.” Mary Kay (full name, Mary Kathryn Van Patten James) was the first SHS girl whom I ever escorted to an event. Karen and I are coming up on our 21st Anniversary.

ROBIN MOORE President of the Class of ’56, Robin was at Eagleview because his wife, Ruth Smith Moore, was a member of the Class of ’57.

GENEVA and NETTIE JO – the Seanard sisters.

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Class of 1957,

Searcy High School.


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