Sunday, May 06, 2007


From the Searcy Daily Citizen, a part of a longer piece written by Kyle Secor:

Searcy's first home-based airplane created quite a stir when Jack Harrison landed his Piper Cruiser at the airport. The high school band played in the parade of eager kids following a speech by the mayor. May 3, 1941, was a day you could have been on a flying machine for the first time.

Anita Hart Fuller comments:

The James Harrison who landed the first airplane in Searcy is my uncle, Mother's brother. and I have pictures of Mayor B.L.Oliver presenting him with a plaque or something, to prove it.

Also, my first cousin has the propeller from that plane. Wouldn't I LOVE to have it? She won't give it to me, says she's as much the rightful owner as I would be ..... it's some kind of (hard) polished wood.

Kris Secor is a local history enthusiast based in Searcy


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