Thursday, March 22, 2007


Tom Pry

It’s not every day that I get a chance to spend part of my noontime with three lovely ladies, but such was the case yesterday, and I came back with proof:

Shown are (L-R) Peggy Betz Smith, Rebecca Van Patten Smith and Carolyn McBride Nokes,. Dorothy Latimer Johnson was supposed to have been there, but hadn’t made it by the time I had to go.

These members of the Class of ’64 were having lunch together at the Dixie Café before going out to several area cemeteries to lay flowers on classmates’ graves.

The Class of ’64 was an unusually close-knit one that shared a lot of “firsts.” They were the first to attend McRae Elementary School, and the first to spend all four of its high school years in the “new” high school, as opposed to the “old” one, located where Ahlf Middle School is now.

Nice project, and nice lunchtime companions who implemented it.



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