Friday, April 13, 2007


Sometimes our classmates/readers come up with the darndest things. Witness this note from Don Thompson:

Interesting postcard found on eBay. I removed the postmark and enlarged the pic.

This photo is of the 1911 Searcy May Day Parade.

Let’s put this into historical perspective for a moment. This photo was taken SEVEN YEARS before the Communists took over the Russian government (read up on it and find out that it wasn’t really a “revolution” as they tried to convince the world).

Later, the Communists tried co-opting May Day as a Communist holiday, with a HUGE annual parade in Moscow, etc.

Meanwhile, the United States managed to elude that attempt on their part, and May Day was observed in Searcy until sometime in the 50s.

P.S. If you can't read that faint caption, it tells us that those were public school children marching, and that this was taken on Spring Street, looking north toward the Court House.

Thanks, Don.



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