Monday, June 04, 2007


Sure enough, Bohannon came through.

Here’s a group photo taken by 56’s Robin Moore, using JimBo’s camera (that’s Jimbo, sitting on the deck on the left).

Jim identified his models, too:

First Row (left to right) Jim Bohannon, Ruby Brandon Smith, Mrs. Harvey Robbins, (teacher), Mrs. Ruby Williams (Teacher), Mary Brandon Herecamp, Marie Nelson Lewis, Dorothy Anderson Maple

Second Row (left to right) Jane Martindill Shands, Ruth Smith Moore, Nancy Miller Walsh, James Rascoe, Shirley Carter Stephens, Donna Reed Crenshaw, Anettia Gay Gentry, Nina Aunspaugh Pitts, Kay Young Wright, Jo Ann Roth Cooper, Velta Latimer Youker, Marlene Evans Ferren, Clara Garrison Rowe

Third Row (left to right) Billy Roy Floyd, Cliff Wiggs, Coy Benton , J.D. Stake, Larry Miles, Darr Redman, Joan Coffey Sutton, Carol Hill Richardson, Verna Cox Payne, Camelia Chambless Reed, Mary Alice Moore Swafford

Fourth Row (left to right) Rodger Duncan, Marvin Allen, Homer Wilson, Frank Thompson, Dallas Bunker, Jerry Moore, Carl Cook, Morris Brookhart, Sam Baker, Wayne Rose, Charles Hunter

As a special treat, Jim sent along a photo he took of my wife, Karen, and I. We have very few of these, so we REALLY appreciate this one. (Karen and I are coming up on our 21st Anniversary … and our oldest granddaughter graduates from high school this week).

Bohannon and Reba are going to be out of town for the next couple of weeks, but he promises more when he returns.


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