Wednesday, July 13, 2005


(Originally run 1/12/04 on our old site)

Anita Fuller

In response to our challenge to identify the people in a couple of photos (which, for handy reference, are again linked to this page), we got this from Anita:

O.K. I'll jump in and try and identify as many as I can. Thanks to Dan for sending those; Don Thompson and I don't have them, so that's a real treat for us. (Send more, y'all).

Here goes: first, the DeMolays:

(Back row): Billy Barger, Glen Jones, Marvin Lee Sowell
(Middle Row): Benny Bell, Elmer Dale Yancey, Kenny Rand, (?) , Don Hunt, Billy Max Lewis, Roland King.
(Front Row): Joe Coward, Buddy Sandy, James Daniel, Larry James, Jimmy Don Jackson, Dan E. Randle, Billy Dobbins.

Mrs. Ward's recital, I couldn't i.d. as many:

(Back Row): Anna Lee Conyers, Dorothy Anderson, Mary K. Van Patten, Mrs. Ward, Carolyn Cranford, Dan Randle, Bob Fuller, Bill Anderson, Ann Shannon.
(Middle Row): Judy Musick, (?--but I really know this "girl", just can't pull her name out yet), Julia Melton, Laura Beth Thompson, (?).
Front Row): Nancy Davis, Anna Morgan Jones, Billy Fuller, (?), Ann Rodgers, Lee Ann Conyers, Betty Stevens (daughter of our then-principal, Omar Stevens).

To those I couldn't identify, please forgive me. I think I did pretty good though, considering.

Keep those pics and e-mails coming.

EDITOR’S NOTE: You did a heckuva lot better than Dan and I did, Anita.

Now, how ‘bout you? Can you fill in the blanks?

EDITOR’S NOTE 2, to everyone: If you think your writing skills aren’t up to that of the people who contribute to this column, please disabuse yourself of that right now. As the editor of this little excursion into nostalgia, it’s MY job to worry about spelling, punctuation, neatness, etcetera. It’s YOUR job to dredge up the memories. You can be anonymous (or, better, don’t be anonymous: just ask me to keep your name, etc. to myself) if, for whatever reason, you prefer not to let people know who/where you are.

I went to school here a grand total of 4-1/2 years over a 10 year period: you have a DEFINITE edge on me in the memory department, so let’s hear from you.


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