Friday, August 12, 2005


Mark this in your datebook: on 8/11/05, 53 years after first being paved from Searcy to Rosebud, State Highway 36 got four-laned for a sizeable chunk out of town.

This photo was taken from North Valley Road, looking east toward town. Honey Hill Road is just over the hill – and Mary Kay and Larry James’ home is just to the left of this view. Honey Hill Road, on the south (right) is now the Searcy City Limit, and there’s a sidewalk that runs all the way there on 36.

These two views are west from the same place. The four-laning ends just a short way past that last rise you see. FYI, the farm of Elmer Dale Yancey’s grandfather cornered right there on the right of these shots. Jim and Carolyn Hill’s place is just off the road to the left between the first and second rise.

When the day started, there were still traffic barrels restricting travel. By five, the barrels were gone, the new highway was striped, with two lanes in each direction, plus a bi-directional turning lane.

Thought you’d like to know.


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