Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Dan E. Randle

I was doing some re-arranging and ran across a couple of photos taken in 1981. I was a whole lot skinner, and was during my mustache period. You might be able to tell I still had some hair! Any way thought you might get a kick out of them.

One, of course, you will recognize as the Redwood tree in California you can drive through, and the other one with Paul Bunyon, also in the Redwoods. I weighed in at 175 then, now 255. 80 pounds is about 55% of what I weighed in high school. I know I have to lose it, but just can't seem to get started. I've put on 40 pounds of it since I started working at an ACS call center. If I could just run it off like I did when I was in school, it would be easy. Just trying to run is more like power walking. I know things would get better if I would just take the time and put out the effort to make it happen. But I sit down to the computer and waste hours instead.

I saw a show on TV about some type of secretion that makes you feel as though you are still hungry. They made a study with mice that eaten to their fill, and gave them some of the refined secretion. The mice started eating again. Eventually they became obese. The are experimenting with another substance the counteracts the secretion. Only trouble is they won't be putting it on the market for another ten years. Will I survive that long? I would willing be a test subject for the stuff.

I guess you can call me a FOF (Fat old Fart).

Tom Pry

If that’s the case, old chum, you have a lot of company from past schoolmates and, now, Friends.


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