Wednesday, September 07, 2005


(Originally run 3/15/04 on our old site)

Derrel Max Palmer

Ramona Palmer Riddle

I just wanted to say what a delight it was to see my brother's photo on this site. He died suddenly two years ago in August, from a heart attack. It was a terrible shock to my family, as he has just gotten a clean bill of health from his doctor. Derrel and his wife, Judy Owen, and two daughters, Debbie and Julie, all lived in Texarkana, Texas. He was planning to retire in a few months and do some traveling and enjoy life.

He was well respected in his community and very active in his church. Judy continues to live in Texarkana, which was her home. Thanks again for posting the photo.

Tom Pry

That’s what we’re here for, Ramona: Remembering. As I said in my reply to you, I’m of the opinion that, so long as we remember them, they’re not truly dead.

Speaking of remembering … Mary Kay Van Patten James has been cleaning out her drawers again, and found a veritable treasure trove of photos. So many, in fact, that we will not be able to deal with them in one or two clumps.

And, bless her heart, meticulous lass that she is, she was smart enough to write notes on the back of most of the photos so that, years later, when our Teflon™-coated brains slide details off to one side, we still have clues as to identities.

For instance, a Saturday night at the Legion Hut Youth Center back in 1953 or 1954. Left to Right, you’re taking a look at Mary Ann Bennett, Sharron Dowell, Rebecca Cox, Rita Jo Dunn.

Or do you remember when Polly Hayes was the Queen of the PTA .. or, at least, selected to ride in their convertible in a parade in 1956?

The 1955 Homecoming Float featured (L-R) Jerry Price, Camellia Chambless, Pat Merritt, Draxie Jean Horn, Mary Kay Van Patten, and Homecoming Queen Clara Nell Rackley.

And, finally, a group picture taken 4/6/56 at the Roosevelt Hotel in ritzy old New Orleans: the Pilgramage Club.

Stay tuned for more. Oh, Mary Kay adds (1) a greeting to Anita Hart Fuller and, (2), “It was NOT me at the Library asking for ‘The Naked and the Dead’ – HA – that was some GUY!!!”

That’s her story, and she’s going to stick to it.


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