Thursday, September 01, 2005


(Originally run 3/12/04 on our old site)

Billy Fuller

Tom, I read the Yesteryear journal every day with great delight and, suddenly, find myself responding with a couple of observations and thoughts on the "library" writings of my dear sister-in-law and brother (Bobby Scott and Anita Hart Fuller) and others. I seem to remember that there were library shelves on the east wall of the library...perhaps they came along later.

Am also wondering if I was one of the "flutophone" players Dan E. directed in the beginner's band. I started band under Al English in the 6th grade...and, believe it or not, found myself in the Sr. Band (along with a few others) in the 7th grade!

Finally, a word about Miss Blanche DuBois (the little white-haired librarian...although not so little to me!). Has anyone ever wondered who came first: our Miss Blanche DuBois of the Searcy Library or the Miss Blanche Dubois of Tennessee Williams' "Streetcar Named Desire"? Seems to me that same-name thing is awfully coincidental. Do you think Tennessee and our Miss Blanche knew each other?

Just a thought.

Don’t know, Billy, but you solved a mystery for me. Not being much of a Tennessee Williams fan, all I knew was that the name sounded awfully familiar – but the only Blanche I could recall was Rue McLanahan’s character on “Golden Girls.”

Thanks for straightening that out for me. -tlp-


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