Friday, September 09, 2005


(Run originally 3/17/04 on our old site)

Tom Pry

First, sadly, this news item from the Searcy Daily Citizen:

Donald D. Boggs

Donald D. Boggs, 67, of Searcy died Thursday, March 11, 2004. Don was born Sept. 15, 1936, at home in Searcy. He was the only son of the late Achel and Lydia Boggs. He was formerly married to Peggy Goree Boggs Young of Wooster.


Now, on a more cheerful note, a few more photos from Mary Kay Van Patten James’ sock drawer, these of more recent vintage. Pictured:

The Planning Committee for the Class of 56’s 40th Reunion (check the back row, third from the left, for your Fat Daddy Editor-In-Chief).

Then the reunion’s attendees, as a group, 6/8/96.

Finally, just a group of The Girls having lunch at Colton’s, sometime during the summer of 1998.



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