Monday, October 17, 2005


Tom Pry

A bunch of the boys were whooping it up in the Malamute saloon … oops, that’s the Ballad of Dan McGrew. Let’s start that again.

A bunch of the members of the SHS Class of 1956 gathered this last Saturday afternoon to start putting together the necessary organizational touches for next year’s landmark 50th Class Reunion.

Despite putting down an unforgivable number of home-baked sugar cookies that came out of Marge (Mrs. Dr. Robert) Miller’s talented oven, work WAS accomplished. Date set is Saturday, July 1st, 2006. The location chosen is, like the Class of 55’s, Eagleview, which is right outside of town, off Hwy 16.

As has become the custom, there’ll be an informal get-together that afternoon, a gathering to which members and friends from other classes are welcome – encouraged, even – to come visit while we’re all together.

Then, that night, dinner and a program.

We even cranked up the Reunion’s official e-mail address: . All the members of the Reunion Committee have access to the mailbox, so feel free to use it for anything having to do with the class, the reunion, or class members, past and present.

NEEDED: current e-mail addresses and/or mailing addresses for members of the class. We have almost none. Either you can send them to the SHS1956 e-mailbox or send that address to them and let them tell us where they are. Whether you think we have an e-mail and/or mailing address for them or not, please get that info to us. We’d appreciate it. Better to get it twice than not get it at all.

Now, let me tell you who was there. No, first I’ll tell you who WASN’T there: Mary Kathryn Van Patten James, who got promoted at work to head the Golden Age Travel Program. She’s been to Africa and Alaska, and I think that today, she’s taking off for New Zealand, or someplace like that. Tough job, with few benefits, I guess.

Present were:

(Dr.) Robin “Chirp” Moore and (Dr.) Robert “Bob” Miller. (Marge said once that she can always tell whether a phone caller was a high school classmate of his or not. If classmate, they ask for “Robert.” If not, they ask for “Bob”).

Pat Merritt Barger, complete with a brand-new knee.

Patsy Ruth Norman Pryor – still 4’11” tall.

Carolyn Reed Hill.

Our hostess, Marge, shows off some of Robert’s prize-winning wood-turning pieces.

More news on the reunion as it becomes available.


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