Thursday, November 03, 2005


Anita Hart Fuller

It started with …

I have a picture somewhere of - I think it's Mary Beth Cook Spangler being "stage kissed" by Mike Roberts in their Sr. Class Play: "Arsenic and Old Lace" that Harold Gene (Sullivan) referred to. I'm going to do my best to find it, and if I do I'll send it to you so you can put it on the website. But don't be holding your breath while I look - it might take awhile. And, of course, I have the perogative to forgetting once I get up from here.

The lead actor in Reno 911 is Thomas Lennon, known to us as Tom. He is from Oak Park and was in Bob's choir during high school. He played one of the major gamblers in Guys and Dolls, the big musical they do every year, our daughter Karen being Sgt. Sarah Brown. He also went to Europe with us one summer. He dressed as Gatsby most of the time, complete with those two-tone shoes and ascot. He's very talented and has been in a couple of other series on the comedy channel plus some small parts in movies. He should go far in comedy, so remember the name.

(If none of that makes sense to you, go to for enlightenment).

You should get the Arsenic pic today. Hope you can make it better than it is.

Photo came in the mail. Note has disappeared in the five hours since it got here. I do remember, though, that Anita commented that was taken by a Brownie from the audience in 1953. Sorry.


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